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What's Negative Ions
Dissolved hydrogen portable meter “ENH-1000”
Heart of ENH-1000 is a sensor especially developed for detecting dissolved hydrogen.


■ Measuring Object

Dissolved hydrogen in the dissolved

■ Measurement System Hydrogen reduction System
■ measurement range 0~2.00 ppm / 0~2000 ppb
■ margin for error : ±10%
■ unit : 0.001ppm / 1ppb
■ battery : AAA cell battery x 4
■ size : body 195 x 40 x 36mm
  case 230 x 205 x 50mm
■ weight : 135g (including batteries)
■ price : Please contact us.
■ accessories : Indicator, Extra screws and hex key,
  sensor moistening liquid solution bottle,
  Batteries (placed in indicator body),
  User instructions (with warranty certificate),
  Original plastic carrying case, Extra O-ring,
  Sensor cleaning sand paper,


※What is Hydrogen reduction and how to measure it by ENH-1000?
This is our originally developed electrode and it detects ORP/Oxidation Reduction Potential=Redox in the solution. It converts into dissolved hydrogen density automatically so it is so much easier to measure hydrogen water!

 The water which has lower ORP appears high data without hydrogen.





Electrode of ENH-1000 is developed originally for detecting dissolved hydrogen.
Sensor tip part might need to clean every time you use in order to measure accurate.
It can be replaced easily when the sensor won't work. You can only buy electrode.
※Guarantee valid only in Japan