There are counterfeits of the IONION MX and IONION HX circulating in the market.Please exercise caution when shopping.

Beware of cheap counterfeits.

There are many counterfeits of the IONION MX available on mail-order and auction websites.

We are unable to provide any support for returns, exchanges, or repairs for items not purchased from an authorized distributor. Please resolve any disputes over products with the dealer you purchased that product from.

Customers are advised to take precautions to ensure that they do not accidentally purchase counterfeit products. We recommend that you thoroughly check the reliability, return, repair, and other policies of the product dealer (distributor) before you consider purchasing it, especially if it is offered at a low price. Please choose an authorized and trusted dealer when purchasing your IONION MX.

The IONION HX is also circulating in the market. *As of December 1, 2021.  *2021年12月1日

In December 2021, we confirmed the sale of the counterfeit IONION HX, an OEM product of the IONION MX.
The IONION HX comes in Aqua Blue, Galaxy Blue, and Silver. Please be careful of counterfeits of IONION MX products. To avoid any problems, please purchase from an authorized dealer.



Correspondence to counterfeit products * Updated on October 1, 2020
As a response to counterfeit products, a security sticker (silver) was put on the surface of the package,but for products shipped after October 1, 2020, we started to put an "LED judgment hologram sticker" next to the barcode on the package.
When you focus the hologram with the LED light using video mode of your smartphone,the characters “OK” will appear on sticker. You You can see it from screen and can visually judge the authenticity.
Products that do not have this "LED judgment hologram sticker" are fake, counterfeit ones. Please be careful.


关于假冒复制品的对应措施的通知 * 2020年10月1日更新


■You can check how to see the "OK" mark from here.

What is a counterfeit IONION MX?

Since March 2020, there have been skillfully-made counterfeit IONION MX units circulating on the Chinese market.
These counterfeits are not only the product itself, but also the packaging, instruction manual, warranty card with serial number,
and all accessories, making them difficult to distinguish and pernicious.
We are concerned that these counterfeit products may breakdown prematurely and cause health hazards due to defects in the counterfeit.
We will take legal action, including civil lawsuits and criminal prosecution, against those who sell such pernicious counterfeits of our products.
We urge our customers to purchase from authorized dealers and avoid purchasing such malicious counterfeit products.
Unlike authorized products, counterfeits have obvious functional defects and differences in mechanisms and cannot be repaired in the event of a malfunction.

*IONION MX is only available on the Internet through our Company website and our official sales site. 
Please note that our products purchased from other company websites may not be covered by the warranty.



目前(2020年3月),在中国市场充斥着巧妙制成的“IONION MX” 仿制品。



Counterfeit certificates are also being made.

コWhen a vendor selling a counterfeit product is asked by a purchaser if it is authentic, he or shecreates a counterfeit certificate and gives it to the purchaser in order to make it appear genuine.
Please be aware that they are trying to sell counterfeit products using a variety of tricks.
We intend to launch legal action against these malicious vendors and we will make every effort to ensure that our customers can safely purchase IONION products.

 销售仿制品的商家,被消费者质问产品是否是正品,商家做了假的正品说明书给消费者,他们用各种不正当的方法在销售IONION MX,请大家注意。我司已经对这些不良的售假公司提起了诉讼,为广大消费者能够安心的购买正品而努力。

We are proceeding with legal action against distributors of counterfeit products.

We are working with the Osaka Prefectural Police to file a complaint against those who continue to sell these counterfeit products. We will continue to take tough action against unscrupulous dealers.