The IONION NEO now on sale!

The latest model in the IONION series, the IONION NEO, which has sold over 900,000 units in the 20 years since its launch, went on sale to the general public on February 8, 2022. This product commemorates the 20th anniversary of IONION.

Prior to sales to the general public, a crowdfunding campaign was conducted on Makuake, which was well received with an achievement rate of 2,608% and support from 170 people.

The IONION NEO is a product that has incorporated customer feedback while retaining all of the original functionality of the IONION.

It was also well received at the Health & Wellness Japan 2022, which we recently attended.

The pollen season will soon be in full swing. Why not consider using IONION NEO to prevent hay fever this year?

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