Please beware of malicious sales of a product (KB AIR MASK) similar to IONION MX.

1) Although it is claimed that KB AIR MASK is manufactured in the same factory as our Company, it has nothing to do with our Company.

2) KB AIR MASK claims to generate 2 million negative ions, which is more than our IONION MX.

We measure our products in accordance with JIS standards at the Japan Association of Ion Research and Application.

When measured by the Japan Association of Ion Research and Application, the IONION MX was 690,000 ions/cm3, whereas KB AIR MASK was 230,000 ions/cm3.

3) They claim that the KB AIR MASK can operate for 24 hours when fully charged, and that the IONION MX operates for only 20 hours.

The IONION MX runs for more than 30 hours when new.

Incidentally, the KB AIR MASK we purchased for our research operated for only 17 hours.

Please be careful not to be deceived by unscrupulous sales people.

*Reference images are taken from KB AIR MASK’s sales plan.