ISO 9001 and 14001 certification obtained on July 19, 2021

Our Quality Policy

We provide authentic, reliable products to help people lead and maintain healthy lives.

1) We adhere to all laws and regulations and prioritize manufacturing that is optimally suited to the needs of our customers.
2) We allocate resources appropriately (people, materials, money, and information) for effective management of the company.
3) We set annual goals in line with our quality policy, and take action and reappraise those actions as we work to meet our goals.
4) We conduct management reviews, assess the effectiveness of company operations, and pursue continuous improvement.

Established: November 1, 2020
Junichi Nishimura


Our Environmental Policy

When developing, manufacturing or repairing products, we strive to reduce environmental impact—minimizing industrial waste, reducing noise, and taking other steps—in our production activities.

1) We consistently strive to verify the environmental impact of our business activities and take active measures to protect the environment and prevent pollution.
2) We comply with all laws and regulations and abide by all agreements with those with whom the company is involved, take action based on consideration for the environment, and promise to contribute to the advancement of local communities.
3) We strive to reduce environmental impact (prevent unnecessary waste and pollution), setting and periodically updating our environmental goals and targets; we aim to improve continuously in this endeavor through the combined effort of all of our employees.
4) We strive to educate and train all of our employees and affiliated companies to follow our environmental policy.

Established: November 1, 2020
Junichi Nishimura