【Makuake】 IONION NEO is now available! 30% OFF! Limited to the first 50 customers!

Now, after a year and a half, IONION has been updated and the newest version is now available!


We will start pre-order sales with up to 30% off on the crowdfunding Makuake going from late December to early January.

If you apply for the advance notice, you will be notified of up to 30% off when the Makuake sales start.

The 30% discount is limited to 50 people, so make sure you get notified when the pre-order sales start.
(This is a first-come, first-served basis; 30% off will end when the maximum number is reached.)

↓Click here↓for more information about IONION NEO and to apply for advance notice.

General sales of IONION NEO are scheduled for February 2022. Use Makuake to get the IONION NEO a step ahead of the rest!