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Next in the popular IONION Series!Negative ion generator for vehicles

Emits 1.1 million ions/cm3

Measured and certified by the Japan Association of Ion Research and Application Negative ions selectively target and act on the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). PNS is dominant when people physically rest and relax. In that state, body temperature rises, breathing becomes deeper and blood flow improves, which increases the number of lymphocytes in the bloodstream and boosts the immune system. The IONJOY achieved the highest possible Class 6 ranking for the quantity of negative ions produced, based on measurements conducted by the Japan Association of Ion Research and Application according to JIS standards.
Japan Association of Ion Research and Application website→


Removes 99.9% of odor-causing substances!


The CAR IONION was placed in a 10-liter odor bag with a single port and odor removal was measured with a Kitagawa detector tube. Odors were separately measured in similar fashion as a control. Measurements conducted by the Hygiene and Microbiology Research Center.

PM2.5 Removal Test

99.9% PM2.5 removal performance! Measured by the Far Infrared Association

Product specifications

■Product Name:CAR IONION
■Material:ABS resin
■Dimensions:84mm(l)×28(w)×30(h) (Barrel dia.: 20mm)
■Power supply: Cigarette lighter socket (In: 12V DC, Out: -4.5 kV, 30 mA)
■Ion generation indicator: LED light (blue)
■Operating environment: Temperature 0–40°C; Humidity 30–70%
■Negative ion output: Approx. 1.1 million ions/cm3
(Measured by the Japan Association of Ion Research & Application)
■Warranty Period:One year from purchase
■Price: 14,800 yen (16,280 yen tax included)
■Made in Japan



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