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Dr. Hormes Sheet / Enjoy a therapeutic bath while asleep


Constantly generates negative ions

Active oxygen is said to be the source of all illness. The active oxygen in the body binds with other substances to oxidize the body. The negative ions emitted by the Dr. Hormes Sheet bind with these positively charged unstable oxygen molecules to render them harmless.

Class 4 negative ion output

The Dr. Hormes Sheet constantly generates over 1,000 ions per cubic centimeter, earning a Class 4 certification from the Japan Association of Ion Research and Application (JAIRA). JAIRA is a nonprofit organization established in 2001 to perform accurate measurements that help advance the ion-generating product industry. JAIRA has succeeded in establishing a Japanese Industrial Standard for ion measurement, the first of its kind in the world. JAIRA conducts measurements based on this JIS-B-9929 standard, verifying the high reliability of the Dr. Hormes Sheet and other ion-generating products.

Growth-stimulating light rays warm the body from the core

The wavelength of 8–12 microns is called “growth-stimulating light” for being the ideal wavelength for activating cellular activity. This type of light is essential for metabolism, growth, and development in an organism. The Dr. Hormes Sheet emits this wavelength constantly, energizing the mitochondria within cells to synthesize energy, thereby heating the body from within, boosting blood circulation, and promoting good metabolism.

Blood flow increase of 16%

Showed an average increase of 16% in both maximum blood flow and average blood flow. Note: Test conducted by the JAIRA Hormesis Subworking Group

99.9% effective in deodorizing

An ammonia deodorizing test revealed a 99.9% effectiveness rate. The Dr. Hormes Sheet was cut into 10-cm-square pieces and placed with a small fan in a 10-liter odor bag, and the odor was measured with a Kitagawa gas detector tube system. As a control, the odor alone was measured in the same way, and a deodorizing effectiveness of 99.9% was the result.
Note: Test conducted by the Hygiene & Microbiology Research Center

What is radiation hormesis?

The benefit derived from exposure to low-dose radiation is called “radiation hormesis.” Low-dose radiation energizes the activity of electrons, which promotes molecular chemical reactions in the body that help to repair DNA, stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, immune system, and hormonal system. All of these actions help to slow aging and revitalize the body. Radiation hormesis is the basis for spa-type therapy at sites around the world, including Tamagawa Onsen and Misasa Onsen in Japan and the Gastein Healing Gallery in Austria. All kinds of research has been performed to date revealing the benefits of hormesis.

Effects of radiation hormesis

Cell activation, antioxidant effect, lowering of blood sugar, enhanced concentration, appetite stimulation, improved blood circulation, recovery from fatigue, blood purification, sedative action, improved sleep, lowering of blood pressure, improved metabolism, harmonization of autonomic nerve system, relaxation and stress relief, and enhancement of lung, intestinal and liver functions


■Size: 100 cm × 200 cm
■Material: 100% cotton