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Portable Dissolved Hydrogen Meter ENH-2000

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Features of the ENH-2000

• Small, waterproof and easy to carry
• Displays maximum/minimum and can store data
• Low battery consumption, comes with spare batteries
• Displays remaining battery power and shuts off automatically in 10 min. with no key presses
• Users can switch display to ppm or ppb; also has water temperature display function
• Can measure up to 3,000 ppb
• Includes carrying case for portability
• Supervision: Professor Emeritus, Takeshi Ishii, Okayama University of Science
• Recommendation: Japan Hydrogen Water Promotion Association

What is the hydrogen reduction method?

This method is a measuring technique that detects the oxidation reduction potential (ORP) in a solution and converts the detected value into the dissolved hydrogen concentration value. Our company’s original analysis technology and special sensor make it easy to measure the hydrogen concentration, which used to be a difficult and costly task in the past. Take advantage of our product to expand your sales of highly reliable hydrogen water.

Important information

When water with a low ORP is measured, a high hydrogen concentration value may be displayed on the ENH-2000, even if this water does not contain hydrogen. Be sure to use the ENH-2000 for measuring the hydrogen concentration in hydrogen water.


This measuring instrument has been developed for measuring dissolved hydrogen in the hydrogen water produced by hydrogen water generators and hydrogen generation apparatuses. This product uses a special sensor. Do not use this instrument for hot water, alkaline ionized water, salt water, juice, tea, supplement diluted water, etc. If you use this product for liquids other than hydrogen water, the displayed measured value will not indicate the hydrogen concentration.

How to clean the sensor chip


■ Measures: Dissolved hydrogen in liquids
■ Measurement method: Hydrogen reduction
■ Measurement range: 0 to 3000 ppb/L (0–3 ppm/L)
■ Detection: 1 ppb (0.001 ppm/L)
■ Accuracy: +/-10%
■ Dimensions: 40 mm (W) × 170 mm (H) × 26 mm (D)
■ Weight: 102 g (including batteries)
■ Price: 57,000 yen (62,700 yen including tax)
■ Included in package: Main unit (ENH-2000), instruction manual/warranty, CR2032 button batteries (4 installed/4 spare), sensor protection liquid, spare O-ring, mini screwdriver for removing batteries, case, sensor cleaner paper

Note: Be aware that the items included in the package, price, and other details may change without notice.