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Hormes Jell

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A gel cream containing negative ion powder

The cream contains negative ions that stimulate cellular activity, so it functions both as a beauty cream to smooth wrinkles, spots, and sagging skin on the face and neck, and as an effective massage cream, reducing swelling in the hands and feet, relieving fatigue, and promoting circulation.
To keep the skin young and vibrant, the gel formulation contains plenty of moisturizers and a minimum of additional surfactants. The other top-quality ingredients complement the negative ions to create a smooth, refreshing feel on the skin.

Recommended Uses

■Facial and neck skincare
■Tired feet and soles of feet from standing at work or wearing high heels
■As a massage cream
■For shoulder stiffness/neck pain
■For light sunburn or heat rash
■Prior to and after sports or hiking
■For people with poor circulation

【Precautions on Use】 
* Stop using if the product does not feel right on your skin.
* If the jell gets in your eye, flush with water
* Keep out of the reach of children.

The product unopened expires approximately three years after purchase.
After opening, please use up as quickly as possible.
If using the product after a long period of storage, first check the smell and color for any changes before applying a small amount to the skin to test it. If there is no adverse skin reaction, the product may be used safely.