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Kalfit High-performance calf sleeve


The Kalfit is a high-performance calf sleeve with a snug, light fit that reduces lymph fluid stagnation and blood congestion through the power of far-infrared rays from natural mineral ore and the magnetic action of a permanent magnet to help you live a healthy life.

Benefit #1 Radiating warmth from terahertz waves

Patches that incorporate terahertz powder have been placed on the inside. The terahertz patches radiate far-infrared rays that permeate the skin and radiate warmth into the calves. 

Benefit #2 Comfortable, not-too-tight support

Compression material is used and the sleeves are carefully finished at a workshop in Japan. They gently support the calf for safe use over an extended number of hours.

Benefit #3 Magnets release tension

Two permanent magnets are used on each side—a total of four to promote blood flow through magnetic stimulation inside the body, helping to release tension.

Benefit #4 Hormesis effect promotes metabolism

Low-dose radiation from the Kalfit promotes metabolism, cell activation and blood flow, has an antioxidant effect, and helps recovery from fatigue, among its many benefits.


■Sleeve: 68% nylon, 32% polyester Tape: 100% nylon surface, 100% polyurethane backing
■Price: 16,800 yen (18,480 yen tax included)