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Omni Ion Mineral Tablets



●Minerals are not effective if just one type is taken.

One trace mineral works with other trace minerals in a complex, reciprocal way. Whereas vitamins are given more weight in Japan, their action is supported by having a proper mineral balance.

●Mineral Tablets are made from Omni Ion Minerals.

Omni Ion Minerals are a natural mineral extract with an abundance of natural, ionized trace minerals.
It is a new type of mineral supplement made into tablets that have been processed with insoluble cellulose to help reach the intestines and high-purity maltodextrin to improve absorption.

●Recommended for older people and busy people.

Mineral Tablets are in tablet form, so it is easy to adjust intake.
Recommended for young people who eat food containing lots of additives or who have zinc deficiency but don’t want to drink mineral water, for older people who can’t drink too many liquids, or for hard-working people who tend to forget to drink liquids or eat while working.

Amounts of minerals in six Mineral Tablets (1.8 g)

Magnesium: 16.72 mg/Potassium: 3.13 mg
Calcium: 0.257 mg/Phosphorus: 0.01 mg/Zinc: 0.00004 mg
Chromium: 0.249.4 g/Selenium: 0.0084 g/Iron: 0.0003 mg
Copper: 0.000012 mg/Manganese: 0.094 g
Iodine: 6.1 kg/Other trace minerals