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Omni Ion Minerals Natural mineral liquid concentrate


Omni Ion MineralsNatural mineral liquid concentrate

• Has the same composition as minerals from the sea
•12 times more magnesium than is found in kombu and wakame
•Concentrate type and compact
•Can adjust mineral water concentration

Changes of environment and lifestyle can lead to many types of lifestyle-related illness, the primary cause being mineral deficiency. Minerals help hundreds of types of enzymes to function and are vital elements alongside vitamins and other nutrients. It is important for good health to take in minerals that the body does not produce.

Features of Omni Ion Minerals (Hygienic)

Because the product is a concentrate, it has strong germicidal properties, so it can be stored for a long time without concern about any alteration of quality.

It has not been artificially processed in any way, so it produces no side effects.
Omni Ion Minerals are extracted from the Great Salt Lake through repeated sun-driven water evaporation.
The water in the salt lake receives minerals through an inflow of water from the surrounding mountains and fertile soil. It has a higher concentration of trace element minerals than Japan’s deep water.

The salt lake is also the focus of state government legislation that protects nature. The extraction site is managed strictly as a valuable resource, so it is much cleaner than seawater. Natural mineral products often contain a large amount of aluminum, but Omni Ion Minerals contains extremely low amounts of aluminum and other heavy metals, and no other contaminants.

Aluminum: less than 1 ppm Lead: less than 0.5 ppm Mercury: less than 0.1 ppm Cadmium: less than 0.5 ppm

Features of Omni Ion Minerals (Tiny particles)

Minerals pass through cellular membranes because they are ionized, which means easy absorption from the intestines

The molecules of the Omni Ion Minerals are in an ionized state. An ion is the smallest molecular structure and in a real sense is what is meant by being dissolved in water. (It is also an electrical conductor that when dried becomes crystalline.) This is the smallest particle size ever, making it possible to pass freely through cellular membranes and be absorbed from the intestines. Because these high-quality minerals are ionized, they have a smaller molecular structure than the cells themselves for absorption by all kinds of cells (in the throat, the esophagus, the intestines, etc.).

Features of Omni Ion Minerals (Balance)

Vitamins and minerals do not work alone! Many minerals function reciprocally. Minerals interact with vitamins and hundreds of enzymes, and approximately 80 types of minerals work together reciprocally. For example, magnesium interacts with 325 types of enzymes, and calcium—which is needed to build bone mass—cannot work effectively without magnesium (requiring a ratio of 2:1, Mg:Ca). Omni Ion Minerals have the same natural mineral balance as body fluids, and contain an abundance of trace minerals including not just magnesium and zinc, but copper, vanadium, selenium, chromium, and more.

How to use

■ Consume 30 drops per day
■ Add 1cc (about 17 drops) to one liter of water to make tasty mineral water
■ Cook rice with 5 drops per cup of rice to make rice fluffy and control yellowing when keeping the rice heated
■ Other uses include for ramen, coffee, tea, miso soup, etc.

Recommended for the following

■ Constipation, cleaning of the blood vessels, and sensitivity to cold
■ Magnesium deficiency due to diabetes
■ People who lack physical vitality (catch colds and get tired easily)
■ People who drink alcohol (helps decompose alcohol)
■ People who eat a lot of junk food with additives
■ Heavy menstrual pains
■ People who often eat sweets
■ Growing children and pregnant women
■ People who want to improve their concentration
■ People under a lot of stress
■ Rough skin
■ Loose gums ;

Refined foods such as white rice and white sugar have poor mineral balance, and when consumed cause a depletion of minerals in the body.