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Hormesis Hot Water Bottle Otama-chan



●Never loses heat
A hot water bottle that stays hot without electromagnetic waves—by circulating hot water in a tube!


The inner bag is made from hormesis ore cloth for a bedrock bath effect.
Heats your body from the core like a radium spring!


The first in Japan! A motorless heater means quiet operation and low cost to run on electricity.



■Dimensions: approx. 32 cm × 20 cm × 8 cm (D)
■Weight: approx. 1,150 g (not including hot water)
■Tube length: approx. 110 cm
■Material: EVA sponge, plastic tube, rubber cap, nylon/polyester cover, non-woven fabric with hormesis
■Heater dimensions: approx. 24.5 cm × 18 cm × 13.5 cm (H)
■Heater weight: approx. 1,450 g
■Power consumption: 210 W max.
■Power supply: 100V AC