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Oyutaro Boots neo


The Special Power Balance of Far-infrared Ray Ceramics and the Gentle Warmth of Hot Water

● Your feet don’t get wet so you don’t get an after-bath chill.
● There is no electromagnetic field, so no need for concern.
● The warmth is gentle on the body.
The warmth from the heater provides the body with a hydrating thermal heat.

Far-infrared Rays and Health

The average human body temperature is 36.5°C. At this temperature, the body’s wavelength is about 10 microns.
Applying far-infrared rays to the body at 10 microns activates molecular motion at the cellular level.
As the wavelengths overlap, the matching vibrations amplify and expand molecular motion.
This is the phenomenon of resonance. When molecular motion increases, cellular activity is activated,
warming the body from the core, increasing blood flow, and promoting good metabolism.

For use at home or in various other places


■Boot dimensions: 480 mm (H) × 300 mm (W) ×300 mm (D)
■Weight: Approx. 1.7 kg (Weight of boots only, excluding ceramic)
■Material: Polyurethane leather
■Inner non-woven fabric: Polyester
■Heated water tube sheet: Polyester, synthetic rubber tubing
■Heated water heater connector tube: 100 cm
■Ceramic for heating: Far-infrared ray 10× ceramic balls, 5kg (standard specification)
■Ceramic bag: Polyester
■Hot-water heater dimensions: 135 mm (H) × 165 mm (W) × 280 mm (D)
■Weight: Approx. 1.6 kg
■Power consumption: 0.8 W in summer; 150–300 W (average 150 W) in winter Power supply: 100V AC (attached special plug cord approx. 100 cm)