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Radon gas generator RADOCK-RA100



Efficiently generates radon gas at high concentration

Low-dose radiation exposure activates the body’s metabolism and promotes antioxidation and immune functioning in the body—a phenomenon known as radiation hormesis. Radiation hormesis is the basis for therapies offered at locations around the world, such as the Gastein Healing Gallery in Austria, known for its radon therapy sessions conducted in a tunnel with naturally elevated radon levels. Since 1953, the health center has been serving 10,000 people annually, without any sign of letting up. The spa offers proven efficacy in assisting the body’s natural healing capabilities by activating elements that ease inflammation and boost the immune system to reduce reliance on medication. RADOCK-RA100 is a radon gas system that allows the easy and efficient absorption of radon.

Mechanism by which an increase in active oxygen causes illness and the body’s internal activation process based on radiation hormesis

Gas output, external appearance, and other specs can be adjusted for OEM requests.

Cautions for Use

1.Make sure that the power plug is pushed into the socket all the way. Looseness can lead to electric shock or heat generation that can cause a fire. Do not use if the plug is damaged or the socket is loose.
2. To remove the power plug, hold onto the plug, not the power cord. Pulling on the cord can damage it, leading to electric shock, an electrical short, or fire.
3. Use only an AC power socket rated at 100 V and do not overload the socket or socket accessory beyond its rating. Overloading can generate heat and cause a fire.
4. Periodically clean the dust from the power plug. Accumulated dust can cause the insulation to fail due to moisture, for example, and cause a fire.
5. Never dismantle or try to repair if you are not a skilled technician or service engineer. Doing so can cause a fire or electric shock.

Main unit specifications

Power supply AC: 100 V 50–60 Hz
Material: Main unit—steel plate (powder coating); MDF board radon gas generating capsule—PVC pipe (contains radon balls/non-woven fabric)
Radon gas output concentration: Over 1 million becquerels (Bq/m3)
Radon gas output rate: 416 cc/min (50 Hz) 500 cc/min (60 Hz)
Main unit size: 290 mm (H) × 190 mm (W) (max.) × 160 mm (D) (max.)
Gross weight: approx. 3 kg