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Terahertz & Hormesis Cream Salon De Tera

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High thermal diffusivity and resonance

Salon De Tera contains artificial ore powder that emits terahertz waves. The terahertz wavelength produces waves that vibrate 1 trillion times (1 tera) per second. This special ore has the properties of both radio waves and light waves. The wavelength is longer than that of far-infrared rays, so the waves easily penetrate deep within the body, and their main characteristics are high thermal diffusivity and high resonance.

Like far infrared rays, terahertz waves are not visible at a frequency of 0.3–10 THz and wavelength of 1000–30 µm. Since they are difficult to produce, they were not well known, but due to recent technological progress, research has become active, exploring applications to various fields such as basic research, ultra-high-speed communications, the environment, and biotechnology.

Contains cell-activity-promoting hormesis powder

●1.5 times the conventional product!

Contains about1.5times more negative ion (hormesis) powder than Hormes Jell.Generates more than 1,500 negative ions per cubic centimeter. Also contains many luxurious extracts that can be used on the whole body.

● Phytosteryl macadamiate has superior moisturizing effect

● Mulberry bark extract slows melanin production to lighten skin by inhibiting tyrosinase activity

● Panax ginseng extract gives the skin tension and elasticity

● Rosemary oil has very calming effect

Note: Measured with EB-17 ion counter

Recommended uses

■When you feel muscle pain or tired from standing at work
■When you have stiff shoulders or chills
■Before or after a massage, and before going to bed
■For areas that show aging such as spots and wrinkles
■For spots prone to swelling or fatigue


■Ingredients: Water, isopropyl palmitate, zirconium oxide, BG, ethanol, glycerin, dimethicone, polyacrylamide, hydrogenated polyisobutene, morus alba root extract, Panax ginseng extract, licorice root extract, rosemary leaf oil, laureth-7, silica, phenoxyethanol

Note: Since it contains abundant ceramic powder, rubbing it in too strongly can make it feel grainy. Graininess can be used for scrubbing. Also, since terahertz powder is a metal alloy color, it may cause a light gray stain if it gets on clothing.
■Net weight: 120g
■Included in package: Inner lid/Spatula
■Price: Open price
The product unopened expires approximately three years after purchase.
After opening, please use up as quickly as possible.
If using the product after a long period of storage, first check the smell and color for any changes before applying a small amount to the skin to test it.
If there is no adverse skin reaction, the product may be used safely.

This product has an open price, so please inquire.



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