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Botanical Blessings


Natural Herb Multi-Vitamin

Supplement contains essential vitamins and minerals and is effectively absorbed by the body.

■Amounts of vitamins in 2 tablets (500 mg) of Botanical Blessings
Vitamin B1: 2.5mg/Pantothenic acid: 6mg
Vitamin C: 27mg/Vitamin B2: 2.5mg
Folic acid: 40g/Vitamin E: 6.7mg/Vitamin B6: 5mg
Biotin: 10g/Vitamin D3: 50g (2000 IU)/Niacin: 3.5mg

■Amounts of minerals in 2 tablets (500 mg) of Botanical Blessings
Calcium: 2mg/Zinc: 0.75mg
Manganese: 0.2mg/Magnesium: 0.2mg
Chromium: 12g/Potassium: 2mg/Selenium: 7g