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Portable Terahertz Heater


Reaches deep inside to warm your body at home

The heating element is made of 100% terahertz ore ingot. Terahertz waves are longer in wavelength than infrared rays,
so the resonant effect reaches deeper into the body, stimulating the cells to heat up from within.




■Dimensions: 155 mm (L) × 65 mm (W)
Weight: 285 g
Heating surface: Terahertz ore
Body material: Flame-retardant ABS resin
AC adapter rating: Input 100V–240V AC, Output 12V DC (can be used internationally)
Main unit rating: 12V DC – 30 W
Timer: 30/60 minutes, Auto OFF
Temperature setting: Face mode 35°C/40°C/45°C
Body mode 60°C/63°C/66°C/69°C
Included in package: Storage case, power cord, adapter, handle extender, instruction manual, dedicated cloth, head covers (hormesis-processed cloth, silicon)