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Tiara Gold Active wave water purification system


● Safe, clean water

Residual chlorine and impurities are completely removed by a pre-processing filter that meets international standards.

● Hyperosmotic water

Water particle clusters are at an amazing 48 Hz,
even with a natural filtration system.

● Activated water

Water passes through high-grade ceramic layers to maximize its energy.

Tiara Gold’s secret: an internal structure that filters in the same way as natural ground

Tiara Gold is a countertop water filtration system that employs an abundance of functional ceramics. Water passes through a 1-micron carbon filter, then gets energized by eight types of ceramic mediums (and charcoal) to become even mellower and tastier.

The Tiara produces water infused with negative ions

The Tiara is the world’s first water purification system to generate negative ions.
The Tiara water, charged with negative ions from the filtration unit, is no less than the energy of the universe itself—water endowed with bountiful elements from the natural world.
Negative ions boost the body’s natural healing power and restorative capacity.
Our bodies are a part of the natural world, and natural elements are the best thing for restoring our health naturally.
Also, the entire kitchen becomes infused with negative ions, so by keeping the Tiara on the countertop in one corner, you receive an ion shower whenever you stand in the kitchen. (Negative ions can be measured by ion sensors.)

The Tiara produces hyperosmotic water

Producing the smallest water particle clusters of any water purification system, Tiara water is smoothly absorbed into the body from the moment you hold it in your mouth. Water travels through the body in approximately 40 minutes, returning to the liver, where it is filtered. The smaller the clusters are when going through that process, the more the water is able to dissolve impurities in the bloodstream and within the body. The liver cycles 180 liters of water through the body per day, so the smaller the clusters of water particles, the more effective the liver is at flushing toxins out of the body. Also, aging affects the correlation between intracellular fluid and external solutions. As one ages, the body produces less intracellular fluid, which causes a number of different problems in the body’s cells. Tiara water is hyperosmotic, which smooths the passage of water into and out of intracellular fluid, contributing to greater cellular activity. (The Tiara produces clusters at an amazing 48 Hz compared to the more common 55 Hz.)

The Tiara produces water with vitalized photon energy

Our cells are constantly radiating photon energy.
That energy can actually be seen using Kirlian photography, a method for photographing energy fields developed by a Soviet-Armenian researcher and his wife.
Kirlian photography verifies that cells are activated in proportion to their stimulation by light. The Kirlian photos below show a picked leaf of the money tree (Pachira aquatica). One can see how the weakened leaf radiates fewer photons.
But later, after contact with the Tiara water, one can see that the photons have strengthened again, confirming cell activation in the leaf.
There is a similar effect on other living organisms. However, the effect does not last forever. It is important to continue drinking the Tiara water several times a day, every day.



When you use the Tiara water...

• For tea or coffee, the flavor and aroma become mellow; a drink like whiskey and water becomes tastier.
• For boiling rice, the rice becomes fluffy and tasty.
• For soaking vegetables or tofu, they stay fresh longer.
• For a simmered dish, even stems become saturated with flavor and sweetness increases.
• For kneading bread or udon noodles, the water shortens leavening time, the results are full-bodied and tasty, and the freshness lasts.
• For watering plants and giving to pets—they become lively.



name: Countertop type TZ-3000
■Processing capacity: 75,000 liters (varies in some areas)
■Material: SUS304
■Weight: 5.5 kg
Size: Max. body diameter 90 mm, height 320 mm
■Maximum flow rate: 8 liters/min.
■Operating temperature: Up to 65°C
Micro carbon filter: 1μ sintered activated carbon cartridge
■Functional ceramic cartridges: Fired ceramic I, Fired ceramic II, Far-infrared ray ceramic, High-performance granular activated carbon, Negative-ion reduction ceramic, Antimicrobial ceramic, Crystal
Installation: The diverter valve is designed to be attached to the household faucet. If installation is problematic, please consult with your local plumber.
Included in package:



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